Services - Prevention

Dentální hygienistka při preventivní péči o zubyPrevention has become an inevitable part of modern dental medicine. It is not based on complex procedures, on the contrary - its strength is in simplicity and systematic nature of preventive measures. Thus we prevent caries and diseases of supportive tissues of teeth (gingivitis, periodontitis). Preventive care is carried out by a dental hygienist on an individual basis. The important aspects influencing successful prevention are the following: suitable tools, their effective use and - above all - right technique of teeth brushing. The leitmotif of prevention is "the clean tooth cannot become ill".

A dental hygienist collaborates with a dentist and performs the so-called conservative stage of the periodontitis treatment. By means of special equipment she removes tartar both above and under gingiva in the depth of periodontal pockets (in case of the beginning gingivitis). Why to lose your teeth due to periodontitis if you can prevent it?

Everybody wants to have healthy and esthetic dentition. A dental hygienist disposes of pigmentation, she "whitens" the teeth by means of the so-called sanding, polishes dentition, treats sore dental necks and perform fluoridization (i.e. teeth protection against caries).

If you want to boast with healthy and nice teeth, get informed at our clinic.