Services - Implantology

Implantologie (zubní implantáty)Dental medicine has been developing rapidly. New methods of treatment and new materials have been emerging. Implants have been in use for several decades, however, recently we witness a massive advancement in this area. Theeth are ageing due to various reasons (injury, caries, gingivitis) or may be lost. Missing teeth may be substituted for by several means. They are fixed substitutes - bridges (grinding of adjacent teeth is required for the contsruction) - or removable dentures.

The third means is implants. Each method has its pros and cons. When using bridges, at least two adjacent teeth must be grinded even if they are healthy. Dentures are extensive, they may have problematic shape and problems may occur with their maintaining in the mouth, especially in the mandible.

Dental implants offer high quality, comfortable and durable alternative. Their only disadvantage may be seen in the high proce. Dental implants usually resemble a screw which is introduced into a jaw bone and represents a kind of an artificial root.


Durability of implants is affected by several factors:

  • Quality of an implant (material and surface).
  • Quality of bones and soft tissues.
  • Diseases of a patient(diabetes mellitus).
  • Dental hygiene of a patient! ("artificial teeth must be cared for the same as normal ones!")
  • Bad habits (nicotinism).

We use two types of implant systems in our clinic:

  • Straumann ITI Dental Implant System - Swiss system well known all over the world
  • Impladent - Czech product of Lasak company

Dental implants are made of titanium. Surface layer is specially adapted so that the healing of an implant into a bone is as good as possible.

Treatment of dentition with an implant comprises several stages:

  • Consultation with an implantologist - examination and setting up of the treatment plan.
  • Introduction of an implant
  • Prosthetic stage(2-3 appointments).
  • Check-up of the result.

The cost of dental implants treatment varies considerably and depends on a number of factors. Therefore, it is necessary to consult each case individually with a dentist who will explain you the most suitable method of treatment as well as the price to be paid.