Services - General Dentistry

Praktický zubní lékař

The dental clinic is equipped with top-quality equipment, dental sets of Kavo company, intraoral RTGs Oralix for each set, laser, RVG, ortopantomogram.


Proper care of dentition and gums is an inevitable part of prevention in dental medicine and the most effective way of health care in medicine in general.Everybody is responsible for the care of the dentition. Proper care of teeth at home and regular preventive check-ups at a dental surgery represent a reliable way to a good quality functional life-long dentition.


In case a tooth is affected with caries or injury it is necessary to apply a filling. Fillings may be made of various materials and the price reflects the quality and time required for the manufacture of an individual filling. There is a wide variety of materials; a dentist has to take into account a number of factors, not only esthetic but also functional (extension of the defect, firmness of the filling, location of a tooth in the dental arch). Today we are able to made amalgam fillings of the first-class materials. The fillings may be polished and copy the original shape of a tooth - the esthetic as well as functional effect is really great. Therefore, the price is approximately the same as in composite (white) esthetic fillings. Amalgam (silver) fillings may be esthetic, too. In manufacturing the filling we follow the latest procedures. We will inform you about the advantages, quality and features of individual types of fillings. At the request of a patient we can perform the treatment in anaesthesia,i.e. it is painless.

Endodontic treatment

In case of an extensive damage of the crown stretching as far as pulp cavity it may be necessary to pretreat root canals prior to prosthetic treatment.The pretreatment is also necessary in case of infection on the tooth root apex. Most teeth treated endodontically show a good prognosis. However they should be capped with the crown as the prevention against a tooth fracture.

The correct treatment of root canals is rather demanding in terms of both the equipment and dentist´s experience. We use the latest preparation and diagnostic devices.